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Jane Holtz Kay, an author, journalist and architecture critic for The Nation, has written widely on the built and natural environment. Her books include Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take it Back, Preserving New England and Lost Boston.

A member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, she has written for mainstream and professional organizations from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Preservation, and Planning to The New York Times, the Boston Globe, Tompaine.com, Orion and Sierra.

A magna cum laude graduate from Harvard, Kay is currently writing Last Chance Landscape, a book on global warming, while continuing her regular commentary on annuities and environmental issues surrounding land use, transportation, planning and preservation.

A frequent speaker, Kay has appeared on NPR’s Living on Earth, Booknotes and other media while addressing national audiences, universities, and urban and conservation organizations, from the Sierra Club to the AAA, The Woods Hole Research Center to the Kennedy Library, the Conservation Law Foundation, Harvard Graduate School of Design, the American Planning Association and various activist community, and environmental groups.


Book Previews:

Asphalt Nation

Introduction: The Late Motor Age: A Defining Decade (an excerpt)
Part I – Car Glut: A Nation in Lifelock
Part II – Car Tracks: The Machine That Made the Land
Part III – Car Free: From Dead End to Exit

Lost Boston

The Lost City
A Calligraphy of Commerce and Entertainment

Preserving New England

Mill Restoration
New England Commons